We are spotlighting Chris Appleton’s work again, this time on two very famous people, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande. We spotlighted his work on Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner here.

Did you watch watch Shades of Blue? Jennifer Lopez’s tv show that aired 3 seasons on NBC. We all will definitely admit Jennifer has one of the best hair games so far on television, just 2nd to -if not at par with Priyanka Chopra’s on Quantico.

Ariana Grande signature hairstyle is High, long pony. For whatever reason, we’re not tired of seeing her in same hairstyle for years now. Lol.

See beauty influencers recreate Ariana Grande’s God is a woman look.

These pictures feature Chris Appleton’s work on Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande.

He is very good! Well done.

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