Sports legend, Serana Williams is giving us body and bum goals on Harper’s bazaar August issue.

The sports star posed and showed off her lovely thighs and bum and boy oh boy! She is stunning!

According to Serena on her interview, she said…

“I’ve been called every name in the book. I’ve been shamed because of my body shape. I’ve been paid unequally because of my sex. I’ve been penalized a game in the final of a Major because I expressed my opinion or grunted too loudly…And these are only the things that are seen by the public. In short, it’s never been easy. But then I think of the next girl who is going to come along who looks like me, and I hope, ‘Maybe, just maybe, my voice will help her.”.

This is 2019 and all body shapes and sizes are beautiful! Say no to body shaming!

See Serana Williams Slaying the Royal wedding last year.


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