Harnaam Kaur is the youngest woman (not transgender) with full facial hair, she is from Slough, England and has POLYCYSTIC COVARY SYNDROME (a syndrome that causes excessive hair growth)
– this condition made her grow thick facial hair at age 11.

She was bullied -as expected , it was so bad she received death threats. ** The fact people would go as far as threatening to kill someone over their own facial hair says a lot about humanity**

At 16, Harnaam got baptised as a Sikh, a religion that forbids shaving of body hair.

She’s now a model, anti-bullying activist, body positive activist, life coach,
and motivational speaker.

She’s also a Guinness world records holder.

Her beautiful beards also has a name – SUNDRI.

She’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring… More pictures below…!



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