He is the finest guy on Nigeria’s social media space, the traffic on his Instagram page alone is enough proof. Interesting, his Instagram bio reads “I’m not photogenic”.. lol, if he’s not photogenic and still looks this good in pictures? Imagine what he’ll look like in real life!

His name is Nathan Rexx. From Delta State, Warri. He was a student of Babcock University and a Model. He’s based in Dubai,UAE. He frequents Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Dubai, London and Turkey.

He’s not only very handsome, he’s smart as well, well articulate and writes quite well… He’s also richπŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š and is seen on his snaps driving a G wagon , Camaro and other exotic cars.

He has an equally stunning girlfriend, Indagiju (Indas), a Nigerian Northern beauty based in the Uk, they both travel to Dubai, London, Lagos and Abuja frequently. Who says money isn’t everything?

They’re the Beyonce and Jayz of Nigeria’s social media space.

I’m probably his biggest fan, most of these pictures are screenshots from his Snapchat alone, over 30 screenshots of him in my gallery. Creepy? Maybe, i dunno, all I know is I like very fine people. Lol.

I recreated James Charles’ Blue eyeshadow look! Watch here!

Check out more cool pictures below!



150 thoughts on “Do you Know Nigeria’s finest guy on Instagram? Nathan Rexx!

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