I’m ashamed to say i never knew Drag Kings are a thing until today.

For years, Drag Queens (see Pabllo Vittar), female Transgenders (See Conchita Wurst), Androgynous boys and basically anything male that appears female has always been in the spotlight, majorly courtesy patriarchy that think its a detestable thing for men to appear slightly female but it’s cool for women to appear male.

See Lily Ghalichi’s stunning pictures with Androgynous boys for her Lashes launch.

Today on a Facebook on gaytimes, i read about Landon Cider, a Drag king that’ll be featured in this season of Dragcula.

See Billy Porter’s gorgeous dress to Oscars 2019!

Basically, a Drag King is the opposite of a Drag Queen.

Landon Cider real name is Kristine BellaLuna and 39 years old.


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