The last 24hrs has seen 2 epic records in the beauty community…

One of the biggest YouTubers James Charles losing 1.5million subscribers in 24hrs, and another Tati Westbrook gaining 2million in 24hrs.

Tati Westbrook did a tell all video, calling out James Charles for allegedly being predatory and going after straight guys, and when they refuse, he threatens them with his fame and money. Didn’t help matters when Zara Larsson tweeted James also hit up her boyfriend several times. This all started when James Charles called Gage Gomez a Con artist, leaked chats and Gage doing YouTube videos about James manipulating him into trying to be involved sexually.

James Charles on the other hand did an apology video to Tati Westbrook.

This all started when James Charles got endorsed by a rival vitamins brand to Tati Westbrook’s brand.

I recreated James Charles’ Blue eyeshadow look! Watch here!



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