Nigerian Cross Dressers, Jay Boogie and Onyx Godwin have gone international as these two personalities popular for their makeup, dresses and lifestyle as a whole got featured on one of the top international magazines in the world, Vogue, they dressed Beautifully and photographs taken by Stephen Tayo.

The article they got featured on talked about what it feels like living as an LGBTQ person in a country like Nigeria with a strong homophobic society and homophobic laws, the article also praised their boldness and courage.

The article also mentioned popular names like James Brown and Bobrisky.

Vogue is the most popular Fashion magazine in the world, they host the prestigious Met Gala and top models and Celebrities have been featured on their cover.

Jay Boogie got into the spotlight and got thousands of followers by just looking really beautiful, people loved how he could look like a lady, and he also came out as transgender.

Onyx Godwin was a popular feature on Linda Ikeji’s blog and is also popular on social media.

See more photos of Jay Boogie and Onyx Godwin on Vogue below and read the article here

Source – Opera News Hub.

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