The day is finally here and we’re excited to announce we’re dropping some new collections!
We have New Lipglosses, Lip stains and Highlighters.
For our Lipglosses we have 4 New Gorgeous Shades – JESS, SANDY, NERIT and JULZ SHUGZ.
For our matte Lip Stains we have 7 Beautiful New Shades – B-RED-DY, YETTY PLUM, FIERCE RUBY, SUCRAY, TEMS T, MERITZ and BELLIS BLAST.
And for our Highlighters we have three new Stunning Shades – SUNRISE, GOLDEN HOUR and SUNSET.

BEDAZZLĘD BY BELLA is a cosmetics brand that was launched on May 30, 2021 by Mirabel Ntianu Unyimadu popularly known as Bella.

 The first set of lip gloss collection which consist of 6 different shades was introduced on the day of the launch.
Few months after that, We just launched new products on …………………………. Which consists of;
4 New shades of Lipglosses,
7 New Shades of Matte Lip Stains,
3 lovely Shades of Highlighters…
BEDAZZLĘD BY BELLA is super versatile. It’s perfect for a full glam look or a subtle and soft beat. All products are compatible for all and any skin type, all skin shades and it is 100% cruelty free.
Driven to see individuals in colors that reflects their personality and finding comfort in them, BEDAZZLĘD was created.
BEDAZZLĘD is for everyone, all shades, there is no limitation.
To the creative director Bella, Beauty is a form of self expression, diversity & inclusivity.
I made Bedazzled for women to realize they are already beautiful and should show up all glammed as they want with so much confidence because beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. The freedom to be yourself, to express who you are….
All women are pretty but with the right make up, you can be pretty powerful, Gives you this extra pop!
I have a passion for mixing colors.
I can go from cool & calm colors to the brightest colors depending on my mood, how I want to feel.
I want everyone to be free to express themselves as they feel and be as colorful as they want to be.
I am putting my all, Like my best into BEDAZZĘD because a creative’s Heaven is ensuring that your art gets into the hands of people and they will genuinely love it.
I want to grow BEDDAZLĘD BY BELLA into a large multinational enterprise, putting smiles on women’s faces, empowering so many people, whilst making a positive impact! We are going to get it done!
To purchase BEDAZZLĘD BY BELLA products, contact us on ..…… And follow our social media pages on .…..
BEDDAZLĘD BY BELLA also delivers Nationwide and internationally.

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