Ever wondered how the famous son of Mike Adenuga, Paddy Adenuga looks like?

For sometime he wasn’t on social media, but few years back, he joined Instagram and Twitter. Of course, he has thousands of followers. One would expect him to be all bougie and stuff, but his Twitter timeline is actually interactive and ‘Nigerian’ (easily relatable to Nigerians).

His full name is Mike Agbolade Adeniyi Ishola Paddy Adenuga or Paddy Adenuga, he is a businessman and screenwriter born in London, England.

He went viral months back when he wrote on how he almost bought an oil company, the story caused mixed reactions. Some felt he was privileged , had resources most people don’t have, so he did nothing special. Others felt he was brave and made smart business choices.

Check out more cool pictures of Paddy Adenuga below… Fresh!

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