Last year, Rihanna launched one of the most successful makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty went viral instantly, not only for the quality of the products, but also for what it stands for, the inclusive of all skin tones foundation, including really dark skinned people (Nyma Tang) and Albinos.

Rihanna has released subsequent lines under Fenty Beauty, lipsticks lines such as Mattmoiselle, Stunna lip stain and her colorful Rainbow collection which included an eyeshadow palette, lip sticks, and glow.

What better when to sell your brand when you’re a mega star with over 100m social media following? You model it yourself! Smart business moves 😉.

In these pictures, Rihanna models her Mattmoiselle lipsticks, Stunna lip stain and Rainbow collection.

More pictures below…

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