Toyin Lawani and Bobrisky used to really close but fell out and Toyin even got Bob arrested recently! Toyin released a long statement accusing Bob of trying to hurt her and her kids!

Details below….

Ms Lawani who has reached out to the appropriate security
agencies to investigate the alleged assassination plot wondered
how things could have degenerated so badly and narrated her
first encounter with Bobrisky when he came to her for
help.“Bobrisky came to Tiannah’s Empire as a customer sometime
in 2015 and pleaded with my attendants that he wanted to meet
me as he needed some remedy for his bad skin. After administering
treatment on the skin and was cured of his skin irritations, he
testified that people would not stop asking about where and how
he got his skin treated. He then told me he was a student at
University of Lagos (UNILAG) and would love to market Tiannah’s
Glow natural products. As he was a living testimony, I began by
giving him some of the products and allowed him to earn 40
percent on the products he sold. I also recommended a full body
polish via Tiannah’s spa which helped to treat his skin infections
and cleared his dark knuckles. I also advised him on how to take
care of his body odour as my clients started complaining and would
usually have to spray air fresheners every time he stepped into
the fashion floor at the Empire. He took offense that I advised
him about his body odour but the truth was that it was really
bad and caused us a lot of embarrassment at some events
including a top society wedding he forced himself to attend with
me,” Ms Lawani said. The Tiannahs Empire CEO further explained
that as a non-judgmental person, she initially opened her doors
to Idris (as he was then simply known) because he appeared
relatively stable, only unusual. He was not cross-dressing at the
time but wore makeup, fixed lashes and nails. However, when she
realized it was bad exposure for her son; her kid started begging
to wear makeup and heels, she told Idris to desist from wearing
makeup to her office; a request that angered him.
“He worked with me for only about two months but even in that
time period, he caused a lot of harm than good… He was also
manipulative and was always trying to cause problems between
me and my staff or friends. On one occasion, we went out
together and there were complaints about his appearance which
I told him about. I subsequently received a text message from
an unknown number expressing admiration for Idris and his
eyelashes, also asking me to introduce them. I suspected he sent
the message because he spelt ‘lashes’ as ‘latches’ having seen
him make the same mistake several times publicly so I confronted
him. He initially denied it but subsequently admitted and
apologised following which I banned him from entering my Empire
again. At that point, I realised I needed to put him at arm’s
length. It also coincided with the time a lady came to my store
to allege that Idris claimed to be the one mixing my beauty
products for me. It was a ridiculous claim because my mother
started the business over twenty (20) years ago and it has
grown beyond the phase of mixing products with hands. We have
machines doing all of that in our factory,” she said.
Concerning claims made by Bobrisky that Ms Lawani swindled him of
the sum of N250,000 he allegedly paid for the purchase of
souvenirs for his birthday, the stylist clarified that Bobrisky
made a deposit of N150,000 but failed to pay the balance of
N100,000 as agreed which initially prevented her from placing
the order for the items and that the delayed balance she made
with her money caused a corresponding delay in the shipment of
the items and he couldn’t balance her money on time, which made
the Tiannah’s Empire CEO decide to withhold the goods to him
and suspend the plan to sell the items to him.
“He was owing my company almost N200,000 around the time
after repeatedly buying clothes on credit and I informed him
that I would use the money he paid towards the purchase of
the speakers as his balance which would leave him with a
balance of N65,000 and I gave him a cheque for that amount,”
Ms Lawani said.
It is instructive to note that shortly after Bobrisky was given
the cheque, he was sternly warned by the police to desist from
visiting Tiannah’s Empire or going near Ms Lawani following
complaints about the lies and negative stories he was peddling
about the Tiannah brand. He was at the time compelled to
delete Ms Lawani’s pictures and videos on his social media pages
which he had been using to create a false impression that he
was still engaged by the Empire thereby obtaining payments from
unsuspecting clients for Tiannah products and supplying inferior
products from a certain Mama Tega after which he blocked the
clients. When Ms Lawani got wind of Bobrisky’s many attempts at
passing off fake beauty products as Tiannah beauty products,
she again reached out to Bobrisky to desist from the act but his
next action was most baffling. Narrating the experience, Ms
Lawani said:
“Few days after I issued him a warning, Idris came to Tiannah’s
Empire with a black polythene bag and the security guards
prevented his entry. I went downstairs to ask what he wanted
and he said he had come to apologise for his misdeeds. He handed
me the polythene bag and when I opened it, I saw white clothes
and a guinea fowl inside. I threw the bag on the floor and asked
one of my employees, Dayo, to burn it while also warning Idris to
never again visit me with such gifts. I collapsed the next day and
started bleeding heavily following which I was rushed to Ave
Maria Hospital. I was informed the incident was linked to pre-
existing concerns with fibroid but I believe it was caused by the
diabolical items Idris brought as a supposed gift. I had a surgery
and remained in the hospital for two months before I was
discharged. As soon as I returned to work, Idris showed up at
the Empire, saying he heard I was ill but that he came for cash
as the bank did not pay him because they could not reach me to
confirm the cheque while I was hospitalised. I took the cheque
from him and gave him cash then bid him bye,” she said.
A few months after Bobrisky received the cheque and was told
to stay off the Tiannah’s Empire premises, an aggrieved woman
arrived with policemen one afternoon, claiming a Tiannah cream
had ruined her skin. It was difficult to reconcile her claims with
the praises generally heaped on Tiannah’s glow natural products
for its positive effects on both dark and light skin ranges as she
had horrible stretch marks as well as a burnt face, knees and
knuckles. Upon examining the products which the woman said
Bobrisky had sold to her claiming they were from Tiannah’s
Empire, it was discovered that they were fake products.
In a related incident, another lady sent a message on Instagram
threatening to pull down Tiannah’s Empire after buying fake
products from Bobrisky which badly affected her skin and which
Bobrisky had falsely claimed were from Tiannah’s Empire. Ms
Lawani contacted him and warned that he could be arrested for
damaging her business reputation through his fraudulent
activities but he replied with threats and called her kids
Another spurious claim Bobrisky made on social media, which we
are constrained to respond to prevent lies from wearing a toga of
truth, is that he paid N26,000 for Ms Lawani’s meal because she
supposedly could not afford to buy herself a meal. The claim is
not only untrue and ridiculous but a wicked manipulation of
events by an ingrate. Ms Lawani has over the years empowered a
lot of individuals, providing them food and shelter while also
helping many young entrants into the entertainment industry
find their feet and attaining success. The truth is that Bobrisky
forced himself into a group of guests Ms Lawani was taking to
lunch on a particular afternoon. Ms Lawani directed her personal
assistant (PA) to pay for the meals but the latter however only
realised that he had forgotten the debit card with which
payment was to be made, at the point of making payment. Idris
volunteered to help out but the moment they returned to
Tiannah’s Empire, a cash withdrawal was made at a nearby ATM
and Bobrisky’s money returned to him that very night. Bank
statements reflecting the various transactions mentioned were
printed and shown to the police when a complaint was made
against Bobrisky in November.
“I reached out to Idris to reprimand him but he only responded
with threats. I initially dismissed the threats but I had to
eventually report to the police when I noticed strange cars
trailing my kids and I on different occasions. He has also been
trying to pull down my brand, sending messages to my clients that
I sell substandard materials to them or that I intend to have
affairs with their spouses. He also falsely claimed that I was
not paying my staff, of which I have almost 100 members of staff
working for me, who I also support in many ways such as sending
their kids to school and starting businesses for them. None of my
workers can honestly claim I owe them salaries, so I really had
no choice but to report Idris to the police,” Ms Lawani said.

It would appear that the turn of events between Bobrisky and Ms
Lawani reflects the extent to which ungrateful individuals will go in
setting back their benefactors especially with the help of
unprofessional bloggers who fail to clarify statements made by such
characters as Bobrisky before brandishing them as truth. Ms Lawani
has done nothing to Bobrisky but be of help to him, accepting him at a
time when he most needed validation and support. He has recently
claimed to have benefitted nothing from Ms Lawani but there is a
video clip of him profusely thanking the Tiannah CEO for transforming
his looks and helping him attain a better skin.
It is most shocking to see Bobrisky who has benefitted from Ms
Lawani’s generosity and compassion turn around to persistently
attack her and her businesses. His persistent defamation of her
character with false claims of fraud recently led to the loss of an
endorsement deal and the cancellation of a property transaction. Ms
Lawani as a hardworking woman and mother who has built her
businesses with a record of integrity for over 20 years has tried to
avoid joining issues with Bobrisky but his persistent attacks can no
longer be left unaddressed in the face of baseless and uncharitable
comparisons now being made by some segments of the media. It is an
indisputable fact that Ms Lawani is an accomplished business woman
and Bobrisky can only dream of achieving some proportion of her
success if he suspends his baseless attacks and actually tries to
build a genuine business. His threats against Ms Lawani and her
children have been previously reported to the Nigerian Police Force
(NPF) for which reason he was arrested and taken to the police
headquarters in Abuja for questioning and subsequently counseled on
his conduct. Contrary to his claims on social media, he was not
arrested for supposedly poaching Ms Lawani’s customers but rather
for making threats to Ms Lawani’s life among other criminal acts. His
persistent insults, lies and threats directly and indirectly through
his affiliates are worrisome and reflect an unacceptable disregard
for the law and constituted authority. The police is therefore urged
to be alive to its responsibility in guaranteeing the safety of Ms
Lawani and her family as well as her businesses.
Monday, 3rd December, 2017
Media Team,
Tiannah’s Place Empire

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