Popular trans girl and makeup artist, Veso Golden Oke becomes the first transgender to participate in a beauty pageant in Africa, Miss Europe Continental, Ghana.

See our beauty spotlight on Veso Golden Oke here.

Miss Europe continental Ghana is a beauty pageant that celebrates the beauty in African women, the finals is on the 31st August.

See Veso Golden Oke calling out Olajumoke Orisaguna on her homophobia

Veso Golden Oke says she is advocating for sexual abuse for young children below 17 years old. In her words

“A lot of them get Sexually abused by their guidance, teachers or adults, but still when you complain nobody believes them. Some of them are from Poor homes, so their parents are not having enough money to seek for justice for the rights of the children in the law court. So I want to use my platform to help those who are sexually abused to create awareness for them and fight for justice for them”

We’re wishing her goodluck! Check her stunning pictures below…

See Veso Golden Oke giving us body goals in sexy swimwear.

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