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Onyx Godwin Ogaga.  We are all about being beautiful!!! Our major objective is to bring information, the glam, the fun and above all the pain of getting beautiful and being beautiful. The website is linked to our youtube channel -Onyx Makeovers, our facebook page -Onyx Makeovers and our instagram page @onyxmakeovers

We have different categories that focuses on different and specific things.

They are…


on here, we will be talking about the glamorous red carpets in Nollywood, Hollywood and every other place in the world that slays red carpet shows.


on here, its simply everything about being beautiful, we have sub-categories like – Androgynous, Beauty Hacks, Beautiful boys and ‘for guys’


this category is all about people who break gender norms, our tomboys, our gender  breaking guys who are not afraid to embrace femininity, and our gender fluid personalities   .


here we are talking about different beauty techniques and skills to know that simply makes life easier!!


here is all about guys that glam for the gram! Boys that slay and  own the slayage.


our usual guys next door are not left out!! here is all about you, our good looking, classy, sexy men that are dapper and stylish will get all the attention they want on here.


we will be featuring random inspiring things here. it ranges from arts, photography, painting, writing, dancing, singing, poetry and every thing good worth talking about.


this page is where we sell things, there is a cart, a pay on delivery option, paypal

pay option, discounts, coupons and giveaways.


what is beauty without the art of making up? we talk everything makeup here, fr

om makeup products,makeup artists, makeup hacks, celebrity makeup, instagram glam looks.


here is all about our talented makeup artists. We will talk about the famous, established, upcoming and not so famous but talented makeup artists.


If we don’t talk about our glammed celebrities,who do we talk about?


our slay queens that make instagram fun, this place is for you all!


we are not just about being beautiful, we bring you drama and gossip too!


we review makeup works and makeup products here.


our youtube channel videos are here, our youtube channel is a makeup channel, we apply makeup, give tutorials and give reviews. We will also spotlight top beauty vloggers and products on here.

ONYXDIARY is the place to be if you are a lover or an enthusiast about looking good!

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